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How does Snorban® work?

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How To Stop Snoring Easily and Simply

Although numerous methods inundate the anti-snoring market, SnorBan is the simplest, cheapest and most effective method that has been proven to work! We are so proud and sure of this product that we offer a money-back guarantee, and we are sure of this product because it’s based on such simple principles.

The principle behind the SnorBan® mouthpiece is simple. It is designed to increase your oxygen intake which should eliminate, or greatly reduce, your snoring. To understand how it works try this: Push your lower jaw slightly forward and you will find you open the passage to the airway and you do not snore, but it’s pretty hard to remember to do that when you’re asleep!

SnorBan® is known in the medical profession as a jaw positioner. These were the subject of medical trials in 2002 along with other anti-snoring devices. The results of these trials were made known at a lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine on 18 Feb 2002 under the heading ‘Treatment Options for Snoring’. The doctors tested nasal strips, sprays, herbal pillows, gargles, etc. but found none of these fulfilled their promise of easing the condition. The only product on the market that was found to alleviate the problem (apart from expensive CPAP machines) were jaw positioners. As a result sleep clinics, dentists, sleep clinicians and doctors specialising in sleep problems were strongly advised to use them. Patients who ask how to solve the condition are now referred to us from many of the NHS sleep clinics.

So a SnorBan solves the problem by gently holding your jaw in a position that optimises your airway for air flow and allows you to breathe easily and normally throughout the night and without feeling uncomfortable.

Snorban is CE Registered Class 1

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