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Ecosym Denture Box

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The handy three-part box is perfect for the weekly intensive cleaning of your SnorBan appliance. Thanks to its precisely fitting dimensions, the box guarantees that you use the optimum amount of cleaning concentrate.

Ecosym Denture Box
Ideal for putting in your SnorBan as part of the weekly cleaning routine. In order to guarantee optimum cleaning results, use the cleaning box together with the Ecosym Forte cleaning concentrate.

The Ecosym produts achieve excellent cleaning results and can help you in avoiding possible irritations of the gums. The eucalyptusoil gives a fresh taste and reduces possible bad breath.

How to use the Denture Box
Pour the Ecosym Forte cleaning fluid into the Ecosym Denture Box and add lukewarm water. Leave your SnorBan in the cleaning fluid for 6-8 hours. Remove your SnorBan from the cleaning fluid and rinse with water. 

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