Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does The SnorBan® Mouthpiece work?

SnorBan® is an oral mandibular advancement device which has been medically proven as one of the most effective and successful ways to cure snoring. In clinical studies, SnorBan has demonstrated a reduction of snoring for more than three out of four users. (See clinical studies).

2. What will I receive when I purchase SnorBan®?
You will get 1 SnorBan® mouthpiece, 1 daytime storage case and detailed user instructions.

3. How does SnorBan® work?
The SnorBan® mouthpiece holds your lower jaw slightly forward and opens the airway to the throat. This position allows air to move through unobstructed, thereby eliminating vibration and any snoring noise! (more info).

The Problem
Reduced Airways
The Solution
Free Airways with SnorBan

4. Will my jaw be sore from being slightly forward during sleep?
The average person requires an adjustment period of 2 to 3 weeks to reach maximum comfort. During this period you may feel a slight discomfort in the jaw area but this will disappear a few minutes after removing The SnorBan® mouthpiece. 

5. Is it safe?
Oral mandibular advancement devices have been clinically proven as one of the most effective and successful ways to cure snoring. These type of devices have been prescribed by dentists and physicians for years.

6. Who can use SnorBan®?
SnorBan® can be used by adults for the treatment of snoring.

Should not be used in the event of:
• Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ).
• Pronounced overbite or underbite.
• Loose teeth, unstable tooth crowns or advanced paradentosis.
• Full or partial dentures.
• Inadequate breathing through the nose.
• Severe epilepsy or chronic asthma.
• Children under the age of 18.

If any of the above conditions exist, you must consult your doctor before you use SnorBan®.

7. What is the SnorBan® mouthpiece made of?
The SnorBan® mouthpiece is made of medical thermoplastic, which is softened when heated in warm water. In doing so, the SnorBan® mouthpiece is shaped to fit the individual user's set of teeth. SnorBan® is produced in the USA and the material is FDA approved and does not contain latex or BPA.

8. Is The SnorBan® Mouthpiece hard to fit?
No, it is a very simple process and takes just a few minutes. Just follow the simple instructions provided with your order. You can also watch this instructional video

9. Does one size fit all?
Yes, all adults can use SnorBan® since it will take the precise shape of your mouth, big or small. 

10. What is the possible side effects?

•  Getting used to the mouthpiece takes 2 to 3 weeks. During this period you may feel a slight discomfort in the jaw area but this will disappear a few minutes after removing the SnorBan® mouthpiece.
•  Increased saliva, which gradually normalises as you get used to the mouthpiece.
•  In the first couple of weeks, SnorBan® may fall out of your mouth. This is normal and will not become a problem once you are used to using the mouthpiece.

In case of any persisting or severe side effects, stop using SnorBan® until you have consulted your doctor.

11. Can I use SnorBan® if I have a blocked nose or nasal obstruction?
You need to have at least one clear nasal passage when using this snoring cure, as SnorBan® promotes healthy breathing habits by making you breathe through your nose with your mouth closed. If you catch a cold or suffer from allergies which lead to a blocked nose, you will not be able to use SnorBan® until you are able to breathe through your nose without problems. Tips: SnorBan® can be combined with a nasal dilator, Snooze, which eases nasal breathing or a nasal rinsing system, Nasaline, which reduces irritation in the nostrils and sinuses. 

12. How long will a SnorBan® last?
In normal use, around 8 to 12 months. If, however, you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) around six months.

13. How do I clean my SnorBan®?
Ecosym BDC (Biological Denture Care) keep your SnorBan® mouthpiece perfectly clean without affecting the material. Ecosym BDC gel & Forte effectively remove plaque from the surface of the mouthpiece. A build up of plaque is a common cause of bacterial contamination.

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  1. SnorBan anti-snoring mouthpiece eliminates or reduces snoring and improves the quality of sleep. SnorBan has a documented effect and works immediately. It gives a high degree of comfort as it is individually shaped to fit the user's set of teeth. SnorBan is made of hypo-allergenic thermoplastic and in a light and durable design. Special offer: Guaranteed effect or your money back within 30 days!


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