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SnorBan anti-snoring mouthpiece eliminates or reduces snoring and improves the quality of sleep. SnorBan has a documented effect and works immediately. It gives a high degree of comfort as it is individually shaped to fit the user's set of teeth. SnorBan is made of hypo-allergenic thermoplastic and in a light and durable design. Special offer: Guaranteed effect or your money back within 30 days!

Use SnorBan to stop snoring

SnorBan is the original and patented anti-snoring mouthpiece, since 1994. Dentist and doctor recommended, the SnorBan mouthpiece gives you night after night of healthy, peaceful and snore-free sleep. Medically proven and effective, easy to fit and comfortable to wear.

Operating principle

The custom-fit SnorBan mouthpiece holds your lower jaw slightly forward and opens the airway to the throat. This position allows air to move through unobstructed, thereby eliminating vibration and any snoring noise.

Clinically Proven to treat Snoring

The effect of SnorBan has been examined in several studies which show that SnorBan improves sleep, reduces snoring and reduces the nightly breathing pauses, both subjectively and objectively.

Guaranteed to work or your money back!

We have had such positive experiences with SnorBan that we are offering an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of the SnorBan, we will refund the full purchase price of the mouthpiece, excluding the cost of delivery.

Product Details

The SnorBan mouthpiece is made of medical thermoplastic, which is softened when heated in warm water. In doing so, the SnorBan mouthpiece is shaped to fit the individual user’s set of teeth. SnorBan is produced in the USA and the material is FDA approved and does not contain latex or BPA.

What´s included in your order?

SnorBan mouthpiece, daytime storage box and user instructions.

Why SnorBan

NHS Sleep Clinics recommend the use of SnorBan (we are part of the NHS supply team) because it is an inexpensive, effective and simple solution to the snoring problem.

The SnorBan mouthpiece is ready in minutes and works immediately. For users whose lives have been negatively impacted by snoring, SnorBan’s stop snoring mouthpiece can make a difference in their overall health, energy levels, and quality of life.

Before You Buy SnorBan

You Must Take This Simple Test:

  1. Do you suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction?
  2. Do you have a pronounced overbite or underbite?
  3. Do you have loose teeth, unstable tooth crowns or advanced paradentosis?
  4. Do you wear full or partial dentures?
  5. Do you have trouble breathing through your nose?
  6. Do you suffer from severe epilepsy or chronic asthma?

If you answered No to all six questions, then SnorBan is for you. If not, then see your doctor.

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