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SnorBan® mouthpiece

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SnorBan® mouthpiece

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Product Review (submitted on July 22, 2016):
I was pleased to find that this device has helped my snoring quite a bit. It was my last resort before surgery and has been succesful in that it has reduced my snoring. However it has not completley stopped it and I still snore quite loudly fairly regularly. I also spit it out on a regular basis and have not figured out quite yet how to stop doing this. It's quite uncomfortable and it rubs my mouth quite badly, I struggled moulding it so that the top and bottom would fit together even though I followed the instructions from the video, I had to remould 3 times.

On the whole I was pleased that something this small could have an effect on my snoring and it has meant that I can start sleeping in the same bed as my boyfriend again it has given me a more positive outlook. I reccomend it, to anyone who has tried everything else because it is quite expensive but it does work!
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