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Nothing is better for your health than undisturbed sleep. But snoring can disturb your sleep pattern leaving you feeling tired during the day. As well as having an impact on your mood, lack of sleep puts a severe strain on your body and on your blood pressure which can lead to serious health issues. The heart, arteries and the immune system can be compromised and the chances of having a stroke or developing Type 2 diabetes are significantly increased.

To gain the maximum benefit from sleep you must take in oxygen which enables you to wake up refreshed and able to cope with the stresses of the day. When you snore you are fighting to take in air and you tend to gulp and gasp because your throat has closed up. Your system is telling you to wake up because you need to breathe, because you need oxygen. This fighting happens all night long when you snore. It is no wonder that you wake up feeling tired.

A less serious, but unpleasant side effect of snoring arises because snoring forces air over oral and throat tissues creating a dry environment, which then easily leads to bad breath and sour/bitter tastes.

It is not worth running the risk of developing one of these long term, serious diseases if you can possibly avoid it. The SnorBan® solution is so simple! Find out more and do your body a favour.

  1. SnorBan anti-snoring mouthpiece eliminates or reduces snoring and improves the quality of sleep. SnorBan has a documented effect and works immediately. It gives a high degree of comfort as it is individually shaped to fit the user's set of teeth. SnorBan is made of hypo-allergenic thermoplastic and in a light and durable design. Special offer: Guaranteed effect or your money back within 30 days!


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