Unreasonable behaviour is by far the most frequently cited reason for divorce in Britain, with about 65,000 divorces granted on that basis in 2001 and about 4 times as many women as men opting for it. This is mainly because it is one of only two ways (the other is adultery) to get a ‘quickie’ divorce – and one that does not require at least two years’ separation.

Having regard to the number of snorers in the UK it should come as no surprise that snoring heads this list.

Unreasonable Behaviour: The Top Ten Complaints
Not enough sex
Too much sex
Flirting with other people
Family jealousy (accusations of spouse putting family first or being unduly influenced by his/her mother)
Problems with step children
Ex-spouses (especially former wives being a financial drain)
Secrecy about money
Aggressive criticism

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