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A big thank you for making available and supporting this wonderful device. After countless years of awakening more tired than at retiring, a transformed night's sleep is indeed an amazing experiance. Everyone should be experiencing it!
Kind regards

Having read the comments on your website I shouldn't have been surprised to receive my SnorBan the day after I ordered it, but I was; what an excellent service you provide.
Best regards,
S. G********

Could I please order another Snorban! They are so good I like to know that I have a spare one.
Yours sincerely
Mrs D M T*****

Just to say how delighted we are; first with the very quick delivery of a SnorBan - less than 24 hours, and no snoring. Guess you aren't surprised but we are. I lay awake the first night waiting for the snoring - couldn't believe it - nothing!

My husband sometimes takes it out when he wakes up a bit early then goes back to sleep and starts snoring, so yes it works!
Calt Lumby 

Thank you so much. It's not just the lack of snoring but the luxury of feeling in better health generally. And of course my husband is delighted.
Mrs E E*********

If there was no SnorBan... I would NOT have slept in a campervan with my 'ever-loving' for five weeks touring New Zealand ... you have given me a LIFE! Thank you, thank you.
Liz W, Devon

"It DOES work!"
Mr W Wright, Glos

Thanks SnorBan for saving my third marriage. After my new wife spent numerous nights on the floor downstairs I knew I had a real problem. I then had a sleep report where the nurse suggested SnorBan. I was sceptical at first but, oh boy, does it work. we were both so happy again sleeping in the same bed. Thanks for a great product.
Geogg Gouk by e-mail

"Success at last. Thanks to SnorBan, my husband of 59 years is back in the marital bed, and sleeping is no problem for either of us now. It is wonderful and I can recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much." 
Beth M*****  

"Please supply an additional SnorBan. It is very successful." 
P R C*******

"Brilliant. After 2 nights no more noise at all. Can I have some leaflets for my friends please." 
J K******

"It's a brilliant thing. It works!" 
Mr Ho****

"Success from the very first night."
Mrs Ha**

"I have used your SnorBan for almost a year with fantastic results. This is marvellous product and probably saved my marriage."
Dag Su********

Absolutely brilliant!" 
Mr R An**********

"Absolutely fantastic. My wife is sleeping with me again and I'm sleeping better." 
Mr S Close

"I'm so impressed I'll have another in case I loose the first. I never want to sleep without one."
Mr R As*

"I've STOPPED snoring! "
Mr Sam Pa**

"I am very happy with SnorBan and would be very happy to provide a testimonial to anyone who needs it."
Mrs R Hea***

"I recently purchased your device and must say the results were pleasantly instantaneous! Thanks for a great product that really works."
Paul A********, via email

"Another satisfied customer. I purchased my first mouthpiece before Christmas and it has worked wonders. I have now decided a need a second for my travel bag."
R H*********, London

"Please find enclosed cheque for $** for 2 more SnorBan. We are both very happy with your product."
R C Whit*****

"Thank you for sending another SnorBan. Thank goodness that we got to know about this in the first place. Twenty five years of increasingly worsening snoring stopped overnight. My personal thanks to you as I had become desperate for uninterrupted sleep myself, not to mention the concern of listening for what seemed ages for my husband to take his next breath. Now he sleeps like a baby!"
Les*** Ma****

"Very, very happy with SnorBan." 
Mr I G*******

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  1. SnorBan anti-snoring mouthpiece eliminates or reduces snoring and improves the quality of sleep. SnorBan has a documented effect and works immediately. It gives a high degree of comfort as it is individually shaped to fit the user's set of teeth. SnorBan is made of hypo-allergenic thermoplastic and in a light and durable design. Special offer: Guaranteed effect or your money back within 30 days!


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